About Us

About Us


QUICK FIT clinic opened it’s doors in the middle of 2021 At Madinaty Medical center 1, The clinic was designed as a safe and highly effective training solution offered to people who for various reasons can not spend much time in the gym.

QUICK FIT clinic is specialize in EMS training(Electric Muscle Stimulation), we don’t offer other types of training in our clinic. This allows us to provide a full-time personal training service, to enabling you to reach your training goals and saving time. Our experienced trainers use the most intense and most effective program of the EMS device suitable for each individual. A personal trainer guides your training every step of the way ensuring you get the full benefit of each and every workout.



Reasons why our workout in Quick Fit clinic is different from the gym:

1-personal trainer with customized plan to match with your daily schedule.
2-private training room for each client.

3-an usual inbody for each client to track your body progress

4- Nutritionist  to follow your  diet continuously